Some dollhouse hobbyists find the most fulfillment after they’ve built the dollhouse itself. Most others, though, believe that that’s just the beginning. They find the most satisfaction in decorating each and every room, with the excitement slowly building as they watch it inch closer and closer to completion.

A dollhouse kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to decorate, though. Just like a real kitchen, it requires a lot of careful thought and preparation to put the space together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way. Below are a few tips worth keeping in mind before getting on with the task:

Put together a floor plan

Putting together a floor plan for your dollhouse kitchen before anything else is always a good idea. A floor plan allows you to visualize how much space you have in the room, and will make it much easier to know where things are supposed to go when it comes time to fill it.

When putting together a dollhouse kitchen floor plan, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. What needs to be in a kitchen? What small touches will you need to incorporate to make it look cohesive? You can easily draw up a sample floor plan and arrange the furniture and decorations on it until it looks right. Then, you can just follow that plan when you’re furnishing and decorating the space.

Keep the scale in mind

Understanding the scale of your dollhouse is vital to making sure that it has a realistic look and feel. Making sure that the furniture and decorations that you use inside your dollhouse is consistent with its scale eliminates the possibility of items looking too big or too small for the room they’re going to be in.

You can easily find handy dollhouse scales guides on the internet that you can always refer to when you’re building dollhouse furniture or making dollhouse decorations. It’s also a good idea to keep the scale of your dollhouse in mind before embarking on any crafting projects or making dollhouse furniture purchases.

Stick to the theme

Are you decorating a Victorian dollhouse? The furniture, decorations, and lighting fixtures you use should reflect that era, then. The same goes for other themed dollhouses, whether you’ve chosen a clean and modern Scandinavian aesthetic or something that reflects a more classical time period.

Opt for a dollhouse kitchen set

Crafting is one of the greatest joys of getting into dollhouses as a hobby, but there are certain items that can be more difficult to put together than others. Kitchen fixtures such as cabinets and cupboards should be a cinch to the experienced dollhouse maker, but you can save yourself some trouble fiddling with small parts by purchasing a dollhouse kitchen set.

A dollhouse kitchen set should have everything you need to furnish and outfit your dollhouse kitchen to perfection. You can easily find ones that fit your dollhouse’s style on Dollhouse City; they sell separate dollhouse kitchen pieces as well as full sets that include the cabinets and cupboards, kitchen sink, stove, refrigerator, and even kitchen islands. You can browse their extensive catalog by room, or search for your favorite dollhouse furniture maker brands using the sidebar on their site.